Whitianga Town in 1:160

Have be asked by the Mercury Bay Museum to make a model of Whitianga base of a picture on display.

The year will be 1943, I have chosen January, Its very interesting that we would pick an year that world war two was taking place so the picture of people at the beach was possibly less than to days standard.

Most of the buildings behind the museum are constructed after the war, Most of the existing building were there in 1943. Have been getting pictures and plans to get as much detail for the construction of this model.

These are some of the pictures I am working off to find out what was there in 1943 (78 years past)

The museum is working with the local school to put together an ” then and now” education material for the students to know more about the town.

This project is due to be completed in July 2022 one hopes with interactive wifi for the display lighting, street names, future building foot prints.

The module comprises of 30 buildings that I am working of council plans and pictures which are getting 3d printed so if the education material requires some buildings to be touched it can be printed. At this time I have draw up 17 buildings and printed 12.

The Base is getting made from laminated plywood on a mobile base and a 10mm perplex cover over the top, the hight of the model will stand approx 850 to the top of the perspex so that all children can see in.

so in all the model covers 6 km of town by 1.5km in a module of 2700mm x 850mm

Above: Mercury Bay Museam Bellow : Whitianga Hotel, Whitianga 1943 Town Hall, Whaitianga Wharf

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